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 An assurgent patio on the left hand of Pal Haveli’s entrance, Darikhana was a place to welcome the guests who visited the Haveli during festival times. There was no concept of separate rooms for the guests; instead, each male guest was allotted a bed under the arch. All the guests would be up at sunrise and depart in an hour. The house help would remove the beds and viola! the Darikhana is back in action ready for another round of guests. Now transformed into reception and courtyard, Darikhana with its patio is an ideal place to enjoy evening tea under the decades old tree overlooking the heritage haveli.

Zenana Courtyard

Displaying a feminine charm of erstwhile abode of thakurs is the Zenana courtyard of Pal Haveli. With the rooms dedicated to the womenfolk of the family, it displays striking architectural splendour featuring artistic shringaar corners, awe-striking museums, a prayer hall with Palanquins, vintage cradle and Isar Gangaur Idols, and the multi facade chowk with a refreshing fountain in the center. A double façade square, which was always a hive of activity for the ladies of the haveli, the Zenana chowk used to host events like festivals, bhajans or songs sung in praise of Gods, and havana or religious ceremonies, pre-wedding rites, naming ceremonies. Musicians, singers and dancers performed here and the women folk occupied either sides of the square. Each room and suite in Zenana courtyard reveals a staggering character of its original occupant making the guests’ stay even more exceptional.

Central Lounge Museum


The Central Lounge Museum is located in the residence of the Pal family residing in the Haveli. It presents some tremendous examples of the rich heritage of the family of Pal who built and furnished this edifice more than two hundred years ago. Representing various generations are antique items from the personal collection of the family, which afford the viewer an authentic glimpse into royal life from the past and the present.


Preserving even the smallest unique character and appeal, the central museum is a powerful magnet for travellers seeking experiences that are off the beaten track. 

19th Century Bar

Treasure troves from the 17 generations, vintage weapons, saddle bar chairs and artifacts conceive a riveting ambience of our 19th Century Bar. Unique to its character, the bar at Pal Haveli encloses a fastidious selection of soulfully treasured spirits and cigars, making it a magnetic watering hole for many of our guests.

Breakfast with a View

Just a little down the rooftop and a few levels up from Gulab Sagar, the open terrace of Pal Haveli offers a sense of delight to our guests with a savoury breakfast experience.  With a captivating view of the signature clock tower of Jodhpur, relishing the masala tea and fresh bakes make it for a perfect way to start the day and capture the moment for a lifetime. 

Outer Courtyard

In harmony with nature, and proudly holding the legacy of the noble past, Pal Haveli welcomes its guests with an open arm. Right when you are ready to check-in or outbound for the city tour, our outer courtyard becomes a splendid host to help you relax and enjoy the filtered breeze while relishing cakes and croissants under the tree.

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