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Post-independence, when the Royal patronage was losing its sovereignty, when the thikanas were selling their mansions for survival and the government was seizing monarchial assets, the Thakurs of Pal embarked on a glorious journey to protect and restore the grandeur of Pal Haveli, the only living haveli among the 700 havelis of Jodhpur. When it was hard to protect the transcendent treasures of the haveli- the collection of guns, vintage utensils, paintings artifacts and the lifestyle of 17 generations were safeguarded and preserved by the successors. Dating back to more than two hundred years, this haveli was restored securing the architectural structure intact by the noble family of Thakur Umaid Karan Ji. Painstakingly restored haveli embodies the ethos of the past. The restoration pays attention to the milieu and aesthetic of the time in which it was constructed. There are rooms with a wooden roof, decorative windows, old lamps and lots of little details specific to the period in which it was built. The imposing Pal Haveli was opened for the guests in the year 2005 with 4 rooms after the restoration of 2 years.

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