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Indique - Restaurant & Bar

 With a captivating view of the majestic Mehrangarh in the backdrop, and 360-degree view of other tourist attractions like Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, Clock Tower and Gulab Sagar from the terrace, Indique, after the evening takes over, is an open museum to enrapture the diners. The imposing open-air restaurant that offers a truly romantic setting for a private candlelit dinner is divided into two parts- Indique- with a view of the city lights from the topmost terrace; and Daudi- originally a ladies’ courtyard transformed into an open-air bar and dining space at a lower level serves as a perfect setup for sundowner. An effervescent drink and toothsome pop snacks while watching the setting sun is sure to claim your heart. Here, a spectacular mix of Rajasthani food with vintage and exotic blends and beverages in an old world stately ambience are served to the guests. The spectacular view of the skylights renders a sumptuous gastronomical experience under the moon. 

Feasting within the confines of painted walls and ceiling addressed by zharokhas overlooking Gulab Sagar conjures an indulgent dining affair at Pal Haveli. Jodhana is a fine dining indoor restaurant where our guests indulge in savoring the delectable servings prepared by our expert chefs. With authentic recipes, those have been a long held secret by the family, and truly vintage décor, dining at Jodhana has its own perks of vintage allure.

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